Frequently asked questions

What is Orbula?
Orbula is a giveaways and promotions platform where you can create giveaways/competitions to drive traffic to your social media channels and online content.
What type of giveaways can I create?
We offer "Multiple Social Media Exposé" that includes:
  • Subscribe to YouTube Channel
  • Watch YouTube Video
  • Like YouTube Video
  • Tweet out Giveaway
  • Visit Instagram
  • Follow Twitter
  • Follow Twitch
  • Visit Website
  • And many more...
How do you keep the giveaways transparent and authentic?
The giveaway organizer's profile page will provide you all the answers during and after the duration of the giveaway. Our automated system only pick winners who have verified Emails Addresses.
How do I get a verified profile?
To get a verified profile you must add a valid email, verify it and connect both your YouTube and Twitter.
Is there a fee to use this service?
Yes, there is an associated fee. More details on the fee can be found at our Pricing Page.
Can my friend create a giveaway under my subscription?
Unfortunately we don't allow that at the moment but we do have plans to launch giveaway collaborations in the near future. Stay tuned.
How do you contact winners?
Our automated system contact winners and you can track these messages in message center.
Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately at this point we do not offer refunds for this service. We encourage you to create exciting giveaways and share them with your fans. If you have any questions regarding how to run giveaways or how to improve the reach of your giveaway, do not hesitate to Contact Us.
Do you store any credit card information?
No, we don't store any credit card information. We work with Braintreepayments a very highly reputable company to process payments. You can find more information on their website at
I still have more questions :)
We are glad you do. Please drop us a message via our Contact Us page.